A one day training session providing essential information required to safely and effectively deploy personnel and equipment during a spill release. Recommended for Initial Response Strike Teams, Operations Chiefs and Safety Officers. This course will be delivered in-person on site.

DATE: September 16, 2021
LOCATION: Marathon Facility in New Town, North Dakota
TIME: 08:00 AM CST
COST: $152 USD per participant (all payments are non-fundable)
NOTE: If you have purchased TWO (2) or more participants in a SINGLE order for the training, please provide email addresses for all participants and include the DATE that they would like to be included (September 14, 2021 or September 16, 2021) for each participant.


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    • The email message will contain payment and registration confirmation
  • Course Evaluation Form (anonymous) will be provided upon completion of the training via an automated email message

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The following summary will highlight the breakdown of the training course.

Morning – Classroom Session
The morning classroom session will consist of discussions regarding the principles and strategies for executing a successful On Water Spill Response. Participants will become familiar with the following principles;

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Summer Spill Response Team
  • Spill Response Safety – Hazard Evaluation & Awareness
  • Containment & Recovery Equipment Overview
  • Containment Installation and Tactics
  • Site Evaluation
  • Strategy Selection
  • Oil Recovery Techniques
  • Boater Safety and Handling Techniques

Late Morning – Dry Land Deployment Session (Afternoon)
Using the knowledge gained from the morning’s instruction, participants will gain practical knowledge with use of the equipment and the deployment techniques. Topics that will be covered:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Boat Safety Equipment
  • Containment Equipment
  • Oil Recovery Equipment
  • Oil Recovery Strategies

Afternoon– Boat Handling & Containment Tactics Installation

  • Boat Handling
  • Boom towing
  • Setting an Instream Anchor
  • Spill Scenario Walk Through
  • Containment Installation Based on Spill Scenario