At SWAT, Health and Safety is synonymous with emergency management and environmental services.

The health and safety of our people are paramount to our success as an organization. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our health and safety culture and for the well-being of our employees, contractors, sub-contractors and clients.

SWAT continually measures its comprehensive and Integrated Health and Safety Management System to ensure it is aligned with industry Best Practices, and Emergency Management Practices & Training Standards.

In an industry often driven by deadlines, maintaining the discipline to plan and integrate safety requires diligence from our staff and management. Our policies and procedures ensure the planning of tasks so that they become ingrained as habits. Safety will always be our first thought prior to commencing any task.

We are committed to working with our clients to maintain the highest standard in safety compliance and training to ensure that all SWAT personnel are confident and capable of implementing a safe environment to any client project.

Partnerships in Health & Safety

Under the Alberta Government’s “Partnerships in Injury Reduction” (PIR) Program, SWAT has been a continuous holder of a Certificate of Recognition (COR), along with our original certifying partner Enform/Energy Safety Canada. We are a registered member in good standing with all Provincial & Territorial Workers Compensation Boards (WCB) in Canada and select states in the USA.

SWAT maintains compliance and membership with online contractor health and safety verification programs such as ISN, Avetta (formerly PICS), Complyworks and PEC Safety.

complyworks cor-seal

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