SWAT has extensive reclamation experience in cultivated, grassland, and forested terrain for both the traditional legacy site closure process and emergency response projects.

Knowledge of the full project life cycle and minimal disturbance methods allows for a planned, practical, and cost-effective approach to reclamation.  Reclamation requirements can vary greatly between regions and landscapes, so our primary objective on any reclamation project is to understand the natural setting and optimize site conditions for recovery. Through proper program management and pre-planning, along with continuous learning and improvement, reclamation timelines can be shortened and the overall cost to closure reduced.

Reclamation Services:

  • site scouting and development of site-specific reclamation plans
  • area-based closure program coordination
  • regulatory approvals and stakeholder engagement
  • site supervision
  • progressive monitoring and vegetation management services
  • detailed site assessments (DSAs)
  • reclamation certificate applications (RCAs)

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